Elect E.B. Peebles Jr. New President Of Ryan-Walsh Stevedoring

elect eb peebles jr
new president of
ryanwalsh stevedoring

The board of directors of Ryan- Walsh Stevedoring Company, Inc., Mobile, Ala., announced the election recently of E.B. Peebles Jr. as president. He succeeds Gregory L. Leatherbury, who retired, having served as president since 1965.

In assuming the presidency of Ryan-Walsh, Mr. Peebles also becomes president of Ryan-Walsh subsidiaries C o n t a i n e r Services International, Inc.; Marine Bulk Handling Corporation; Southern Marine Service, Inc.; Southern S t e a m s h i p A g e n c y , Inc.; and World Wide Crating and Warehousing Company, Inc. He continues as president of Stevedores, Inc., a Ryan-Walsh joint venture in Wilmington, N.C.

Mr. Peebles has worked for Ryan-Walsh and its corporate f o r e r u n n e r , Ryan Stevedoring Company, since 1939. Ryan-Walsh and its holdings are a subsidiary of Dravo Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.

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